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Perfectly in Harmony/Experience tranquility Be obstructed no longer by bad posture or the monotony of fixed “ergonomics”. With our highly adjustable chair every single piece has been meticulously chosen for adjustability and its potential for ergonomic support. All parts were made and designed to give a customized ergonomic experience that did not depend on you fitting into the common category a regular chair was designed for. The seat has been replaced from the standard bucket seat of gaming chairs to that of a flowing slope, that does not prevent or cause any strain on the legs. Bucket seats are famed for how unpleasant they can become when sat in for an extended duration of time, due to its fixed shape that causes strain on the blood vessels and nerves inside the thighs. The natural slope design of our seat was taken from naturally formed waterfalls and the ebb and flow of water. When seated the design of the seat naturally helps the thighs gain a more natural, relaxed position helping the lower back and relieving stress on the lower back. A typical headrest leaves nothing more than the bare minimum support for the head and neck. Designed for every user, they typically leave a lot of adjustment left out of the equation. We took into consideration all the different people and their height as well as their desired posture. The headrest comes with absolute support and adjustability, with the ability to raise and lower the headrest by 5 cm and the ability to swivel for a natural and relaxed feel. The backrest was designed for both a passive and active ergonomic experience. The backrest naturally flows but with the addition of adjustable buttons on each side, you now have the potential to push or retract the backrest. The backrest automatically makes the seat swivel when sat and puts pressure on to help guide your spine to a natural position.   Backrest features and build materials: Premium Korean Wintex Mesh upholstery Ultralight Aluminum alloy 5 levels height adjustability 15 levels or backrest tilting Beautiful butterfly design Seat features and build materials: Premium Korean Wintex Mesh upholstery Natural ergonomic flow design Automatic sync-sliding for when you are leaning back Sync-sliding can be locked When locked seat will be pushed 23 degrees to adapt for any other user Headrest features and build materials: Premium Korean Wintex Mesh upholstery Ultralight Aluminum alloy 3 sets of adjustments for ultimate adjustability Armrest features and build materials: Aluminum alloy build frame PU arm pad 6 levels of height adjustment Paddle switch controls Base features and build materials: Lightweight aluminum Reinforced Noise-reducing caps Protective sleeve for the gas lift that adds noise reduction Wheels features and build materials: High quality engineered plastics Noise-reducing PU rim Friction reducing plastics Noise-reducing caps inside wheels