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Team SmartPlay

Mathias Have

Mathias Have

Mathias created SmartPlay in 2019 to reach the top in the category of FPS mobile games with SmartPlay's pilot product, "SmartPlay MVP Controller".

He started his career at the local grocer in Ringkøbing, working as a Fruit & Vegetable man. With a big kick of ADD, Mathias moved on and became a salesman and continued to do so for the next 10 years. With all his goals met, he got the chance to become Country Manager for the American teddy bear brand, Ty, due to broad learning within branding, management, strategy, etc.

This was also the starting point for SmartPlay. After 1 year as Country Manager, he quit his job and started building the first version of SmartPlay.

Mads Hartmann

Mads Hartmann

Mads became part of SmartPlay in March 2022, where he stepped into the role of head of design and later as CCO and partner.

Mads has been an entrepreneur all his life and started his career in the music business, where he made a living as a DJ for 12 years. At the same time, he has had his own freelance agency with graphic design and web development, where he has travelled the world as a digital nomad.

Mads is trained as a Media Graphic Designer and has subsequently studied for an AP degree in Entrepreneurship and Design Management with an on-top prof. bach. International Sales & Marketing.

Mads is a passionate geek with a penchant for new technologies like blockchain and AI. With a burning heart for gaming, he has spent countless hours weekly on various games since he got his first PC, a 286, in 1994.

Maja Husted

Maja Husted

Maja is the newest member of our team, and she handles all Social Media. Maja has a lot of experience in the agency industry, where she has been responsible for Paid Social for many clients. She has an academic background with a Master's in IT Web Communication.

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