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  Made from a strong and lightweight aluminum alloy to bring proper insurance and longevity to your chair. The metal frame of our ZEN [PHASE 003] STEEL chair was made for impeccable reliability and fully adjustable ergonomics, designed to mimic nature. As with real steel, we broke down a chair to its simplest components, filtering out all that is unnecessary and what supports which parts of the body, leaving no impurities in the final product. The seat was made for an ergonomic and natural sloping design, where no strain or displeasure is present. Designing the seat, we were inspired by the natural flowing of water and waterfalls. The seat was given a soft crescent descent to support the inner nerves and vessels of thighs, a feature that is infamous with bucket-seat designed gaming chairs. For the ultimate comfort, we chose to have the seating made from a tight but stretchy mesh weaving that can support your weight and does not give out and cause discomfort. Our backrest is made from a strong but lightweight aluminum alloy that can support and be adjusted for your very own physique. Designed after the slim and almost transparent silhouette of a wineglass, giving it a skeletal but strong figure. The backrest has been given an ergonomic addition of a pillow placed down at your lower back, helping with lower spinal aches, and ensuring that you don’t get the sensation of falling through the chair. With a heavy emphasis on the ergonomics of a chair, it quickly becomes a low priority to consider how it behaves and sounds. The base and wheels of our chairs have been given a smoothening and dampening treatment to help with unneeded noise caused by moving parts inside and on the chair. The wheels are made from a higher-grade PU and come with soft rubber caps that, when attached to the base, decrease the amount of sound leakage. Not only does the PU create a softer sound, but they also provide a smoother gliding experience with the lower friction plastics. Opting for a highly adjustable and universal design instead of a static headrest design, we chose to give full freedom of choice when it came to ergonomics. The headrest can be adjusted both in height and at the resting angle. Seat features:   Korean Wintex Mesh Ergonomic natural flowing design Depth is adjustable in 5 levels   Backrest features:   Aluminum alloy Korean Wintex Mesh Adjustable tilt and angle   Headrest feature:   PA engineered plastics Aluminum alloy Korean Wintex Mesh Angle adjustability Height adjustability   Base and Castor feature:   Aluminum alloy Friction and noise reducing PU rims Noise reducing caps inside of the base Sleeve for the gas lift for unnecessary rattle