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Return of an order

Returning an order must be sent through our Returns Portal.

All orders returned to Smart Trade ApS must be securely wrapped.
If a return is received that we consider not correctly packaged, the customer risks losing the purchase amount of the order, in whole or in part.

If an order is returned outside our Return Portal and/or to our office, the return will be rejected upon receipt, and the delivery will be sent back to the customer at the customer's expense. No compensation, refund, compensation etc., is provided for shipping and return shipping costs associated with shipments outside our return portal.

Smart Trade ApS disclaims all responsibility for returns sent outside our Return Portal. In case of this breach, the right of withdrawal, guarantee, compensation and other obligations connected with the transaction at Smart Trade ApS are waived.


You may lose your purchase amount, in whole or in part. This happens if the value of the goods has deteriorated because:

  • The item has been in use.
  • The item was damaged while the customer was responsible for it.
  • The customer has handled the goods differently than was necessary for you to determine the nature, characteristics and way of functioning of the goods.
  • The customer has broken the product's sealing.
  • A shipping fee is applied to returns.

Right of withdrawal

Smart Trade ApS offers a 14-day right of withdrawal.

The right of withdrawal runs from the day our system registers that the customer has received the item. If the deadline expires on a public holiday, Saturday, Constitution Day, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, the deadline is extended to the following weekday.

To maintain the right of withdrawal, you must only handle the goods in a way that allows you to determine their nature, properties and how they function.

There is no right of cancellation on some goods, this will be stated when ordering, or you may lose your right of cancellation.

Purchases of goods such as games, hardware and other software can only be cancelled if the foil/sealing of the goods is fixed.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must complete and activate the return in our Return Portal by 14 days after receiving the item.

The cooling-off period ends automatically after 14 days of receipt and cannot be reactivated.



As a consumer, you have a 2-year right of complaint, meaning you can either have the product repaired, the product exchanged, the money returned, or the price reduced, depending on the specific situation. This, of course, requires that the complaint is justified.

Should the product unexpectedly break during the complaint period, it will be repaired free of charge at our or the manufacturer's workshop.

Damage to the product caused by operating errors, handling errors, modifications or gross abuse on the user's part is not covered by the right of complaint. This also includes changing the amperage supplied to any relevant component.

The right of complaint does not cover errors on the product caused by installed third-party software. Therefore, always test whether the error can be caused by programs, drivers, or other things not installed initially on the product.

Reference is also made to Section 78 of the Purchase Act for procedures regarding complaints.


Application of the right of complaint

Complaints regarding errors and defects must be notified to Smart Trade ApS within a reasonable time after receipt of the goods.

All products returned to Smart Trade ApS must be securely wrapped.

The customer is liable for the deterioration in the value of the goods due to handling other than what is necessary to determine the goods' nature, properties and function. This means you must try the product the same way as if you shopped in a physical store.

It is up to Smart Trade ApS to assess the condition of the goods upon receipt. If the item is broken or otherwise damaged, what is described above, it is considered used and of diminished value. If you cancel the purchase, you will get a minor part or none of the purchase amount back.

Use the following instructions when returning a defective or damaged item:

  1. Email support@smartplay.gg with the subject: Defective return + order number and describe the defect + photo documentation.
  2. Fill in the return information in the Smart Trade ApS return portal.
  3. Pack your return order securely and apply the return label from the return portal to the return shipment.
  4. Hand over the return order to the carrier.

If Smart Trade receives a defective return without an email with documentation, Smart Trade ApS will not refund the purchase value of the order.

The product must be submitted completely. This means that all included cables, readable media, and the like linked to the advertised product must be returned with the defective product.

Returned goods that do not contain errors

When the customer returns defective or incorrect goods to Smart Trade ApS, where a fault or defect defined and indicated by the customer is not found, the goods will be returned to the customer, including a test fee. The amount is offset against the amount transferred to the customer. Smart Trade ApS reserves the right to collect this fee and shipping costs.

The test fee is DKK 250.00 per started half-hour, incl. VAT. The amount can always be, at most, the total value of the order.

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