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When we set out to design the KURO we had the main goal of trying to achieve a well-built ergonomic made chair from durable materials so that the price tag could befit a customer seeking an ergonomic solution for a chair. And so, we did. Our KURO chair was made with a heavy emphasis on the materials that it is constructed with and how you can innovatively play around the limits and standards set by them. All the pieces share a universal material type. An engineered plastic that was manufactured with the goal to be a non-compromising solution to no-metal parts of the chair. The plastic is strong and flexible but also lightweight, perfectly striking a balance. Our backrest was designed for maximum lightweight capabilities. Ensuring a minimalistic design, we gave our backrest an almost 100% frame ratio with only the lumbar pillow and its supports visible. The integrated lumbar can be height adjusted to fit your figure and giving you a personalized ergonomic experience. The backrest has been given an upholstery boost with a flexible Korean mesh that can stretch and adapt to your physique while giving a passive airflow preventing uncomfortable extended sessions. Per our standard, we have strived to prevent invisible issues that can occur in the customer's experience when it comes to chairs. Standard gaming seats come with an inherent issue of tipping upward by the end of the seat, causing blockage of essential vessels and nerves in the thighs. We chose to give our chairs a natural and comfortable solution to this issue by letting the thighs naturally slope down into a comfortable position by designing a seat that flows naturally. The seating is made with our premium Korean mesh and has been given some quality of life changes to help you conveniently and quickly adjust your posture. We chose to place the seat height and backrest tilt lock by the side of the chair to shorten the number of movements necessary to adjust these functions. The ability to slide the seat forward or backward has been assigned to a button, to easily click yourself into place.   Backrest features and build materials: Height adjustable lumbar support Height and tilt adjustable locking system Auto adaptation system for added comfort Seat features and build materials: Ergonomic flowing design Adjustable seat depth Armrest features and build materials: 4D adjustment-based design Coated with a soft PU arm frame Base features and build materials: Reinforced lightweight 340mm Nylon base Wheels features and build materials: Specially engineered casters for a quiet easy glide experience